Wise Timetable 5.0

Wise Timetable 5.0: Try the most complete university and school scheduling/timetabling software Wise Timetable is professional and worldwide accepted scheduling/timetabling software for universities, colleges and schools. Create timetables quickly and easily because of simple data entry, the best automatic generation and one click web publishing. Wise Timetable is a result of cooperation with schools and universities, designed with great respect for their wishes and needs. Demo version is available on product web site. Just try it.

Visual Classroom Scheduler 4.1: Excellent College, High School and University Timetable system
Visual Classroom Scheduler 4.1

timetabling and resource management was developed to reduce time and effort timetabling and provide a far better result for staff, students and educational management. VCS promotes progressive and effective improvements to timetables within the educational budget by providing information and tools on-screen - all the time. Departments can use VCS stand-alone or merge to produce College, School or Univerversity schedules. Timetables for Student groups

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Mimosa Scheduling Software 5.8.3: Mimosa is a general schedule and course planning software.
Mimosa Scheduling Software 5.8.3

Mimosa is a creative and universal scheduling and course planning software for use in any kind of academic institution of varying type and size. It is also used to schedule conferences and work-shifts in business and industry environments. The application is slim and fast, user-friendly and has a large capacity. It has a very rich set of efficient optimisation tools and interactive timetabling selections for all kind of scheduling tasks.

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